Everyone is talking about renewable energies and the energy transition – we are part of it!

The current generation has the unique opportunity – and the obligation – to position our energy system on sustainable pillars. Leaving a clean environment to our children and grandchildren is our duty. This path cannot be followed without coming to renewable energies – quite the opposite: renewable energies form the key pillar for the future generation of energy.

The employees and shareholders of SUNFARMING feels an obligation to observe this responsibility. With every newly-installed photovoltaic plant we come a small step closer to the goal of renewable energies as the key source of energy supply.

We are convinced that every photovoltaic plant that currently delivers electricity to the grid is the independent energy supply for its immediate vicinity in the future. To optimize the use of solar electricity via the consumer we are currently developing a smart grid system. This encompasses the direct incorporation of a decentralized filling station for e-mobility at the respective PV sites.