TL 50 million to Sun with German – Turkish cooperation

SUNFARMING, one of the world’s leading German origin photovoltaic specialists, which established an affiliate in Turkey as SUNFARMING Eurasia Enerji Üretim A.Ş. parallel to the globalization attempt in recent months, cooperated with ERKANLI Group and invested TL 50 million to solar (photo voltaic) energy with a native finance of 25% and a foreign finance of 75%.

SUNFARMING, which will announce the new energy investment in a press conference to be held for explaining such investments, has reached at a special mutual agreement (exclusivity) with ERKANLI group in order to accomplish such investments.

The special mutual agreement (exclusivity) includes:

  1. Turnkey installation of photovoltaic systems for the own needs of industrial, commercial and private organizations.
  2. Installation of photovoltaic systems by ERKANLI group on roofs is in order to meet the power needs of each building at urbanization projects.

Thanks to this cooperation, the sun, which is the biggest potential of our country, will be benefited and a clean environment will be left behind to next generations, with German quality and discipline by providing clean energy production.

The summary of the activities in 2014 under the scope of the investment of TL 50 million, which ERKANLI group and SUNFARMING signed:

  1. ERKANLI Group gave to SUNFARMING Eurasia its first order exceeding 2 MWp for its own energy sections at Niğde, Konya and Mersin within the scope of clean energy attempt. It is expected that the said investment will start in 2 months.
  2. ERKANLI signed an agreement with SUNFARMING Eurasia to start Solar Power Plant investments exceeding 10 MWp during this year, in cooperation of ERKANLI – SUNFARMING, in other sunny regions of our country.
  3. SUNFARMING Eurasia is starting a solar energy investment exceeding TL 10 Million for its owns need by using the German quality system and experience seeing the potential in Turkey.

SUNFARMING Eurasia, with its investments in the field of solar energy, which it observed that the developing energy market in Turkey would play the greatest role, has the following targets: creating employment and contributing to the reduction of current deficit via photovoltaic.

ERKANLI – SUNFARMING, believing that solar energy will be one of the factors for minimizing energy imports, is targeting to be a pioneer with the investments to produce our own energy for 30 years at least with fixed rate electricity price and independent supply of energy.