“ENERGIZE the future”

The world is not facing the largest energy transition in its history – it is already in the middle of it. For more than a decade now, regional and decentralized energy concepts have increasingly been realized, particularly in the electricity segment. Alongside wind and bioenergy, a decisive role is also played by photovoltaic!

SUNFARMING specializes in the realization of decentralized, medium-sized photovoltaic units (PV plants). The PV plants are primarily established on agricultural and commercial roofs, as well as unused commercial sites. The electricity generated is generally consumed within a surrounding area of no more than 20-30 km. In this way SUNFARMING supports the energy transition in the decentralized provision of energy and contributes to the ongoing decoupling of Turkey and Europe from expensive energy imports.

You, too, can contribute to the energy transition and invest in one of our PV plant projects or as a company with high energy requirements, produce your own energy with SUNFARMING systems at economical prices.

We look forward to seeing you!