Service & Monitoring

The correct selection of components and carrying out of all construction and assembly work free from defects is the first stage in ensuring that your photovoltaic plant runs as smoothly and yield-optimized as possible. To ensure that this remains the case throughout the lifetime of the plant we offer you yield-optimizing maintenance, cleaning and monitoring services, individually tailored to your PV plant.

Visual inspection of the modules for soiling and damage

  • Visual inspection of the framework substructure for defects
  • Visual inspection of visible cable and plug connections for damage
  • Annual cleaning of the modules
  • Additional cleaning where required, in the event of performance-reducing soiling
  • Inspection of the inverter modules and cleaning where necessary
  • Annual measurement of the strings
  • Reporting of malfunctions to the plant operator (inverter modules, meters, possibly transformer, power cables)
  • Rectification of malfunctions and damage, where assigned
  • Recording of all irregularities and work carried out (annual record for plant operator)
  • Assistance, where necessary processing of complaint and guarantee claims of third parties
  • Support in communication with the grid operator

In addition, we also offer remote monitoring of your PV plant via remote data transfer and the visualization of all performance and yield data of your PV plant in our SUNFARMING plant monitoring portal, which can be utilized via internet access (three monitoring stages, depending on the contract concluded).

For The Safety of Your Investment!